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July 17, 2020by Live Axe

It’s almost your birthday, and it’s time to gather your loved ones and celebrate another year of life. This party is your opportunity to show off your wild side, so think of some unique ways to celebrate your birthday this year.

If you’re sick of the routine bar scene, colorful balloons or chocolate cake, you may be looking for some other birthday party ideas in NYC that’ll honor your adulthood while bringing out your inner child. Check out these unconventional ways to celebrate your birthday in New York City.

For the Competitive Person, Go Axe Throwing

axe throwing for your birthday

Axe throwing is an exciting activity that can relieve stress and create fun memories with your loved ones. It’s as simple as it sounds — throw an axe, hit a target and earn points. Whether you’re strong or haven’t worked out in years, everyone can enjoy this exhilarating sport while celebrating your special day.

For a one-of-a-kind experience in New York City, check out Live Axe, a Viking-themed, chic urban lounge that features axe throwing cages. You can book a private event at the only axe throwing venue in Manhattan, where we’ll show you how to throw an axe and help keep the party going with drinks and food. On your birthday, connect with your friends and make new ones by trying something you’ve never done before.

For the One Who Wants to Relax, Host a Sleepover

Sleepovers may have been popular in your childhood and teenage years, but they can still be a creative way to celebrate your birthday as an adult. Putting on some comfortable pajamas and sitting around with your friends may bring back fun memories of childhood pranks and scary ghost stories. Invite your crew over for a sleepover, planning enough activities to keep everyone occupied. You should also have breakfast in the morning, so the party can continue the next day.

If you want to spend a relaxing night out in the city, the American Museum of Natural History offers sleepovers for grown-ups only, with the option to have a private area for you and your guests. Pack your comfy clothes and explore your favorite exhibits during your night at the museum.

For the Superstar Singer, Have a Karaoke Night

A karaoke bar is a fun place to embarrass yourself and have fun with your buddies, especially after you’ve all had a few drinks. Sing to your heart’s content surrounded by your greatest supporters who capture your tunes on their phones and post them on social media. For an upgraded singing experience, at Arlene’s Grocery, you could sing your favorite hits with a live band and backup dancers.

If you have a big enough living space or a small enough inner circle, you could invite your guests over to your house for a private, less embarrassing karaoke night. All you need is a microphone and some music. You could also make up some dancing moves and pretend to be backup singers for your friends.

For the Person Who Loves the Arts, Go to a Show

Along with some of the other unconventional birthday party ideas, New York City is famous for its spectacular live performances, from Broadway to local theaters that offer budget-friendly shows throughout the week. Take a couple of your closest companions and splurge on some tickets to a theatrical event.

Besides a musical or theatrical show, you could also celebrate your birthday by going to a live concert or a comedy club. Whether you want to support a local artist or your favorite celebrity is in town, attending a show with your friends is a unique birthday party idea that’ll encourage you to reflect on the last year and look forward to what’s ahead.

For the Nostalgic Person, Go to a Roller Disco

Do you remember going to the roller rink with your pals? Roller skating has been a popular trend for several decades, and you can now bring back your favorite memories by having your birthday party at a roller disco. During your birthday celebration, you can glide around the wooden floors while pumping your fists to your favorite ’60s and ’70s hits, complete with flashing lights rotating around the rink.

For the Playful Person, Host a Game Night

Game nights always bring people together, especially on your birthday. Whether you have your friends over for a game or rent out a place in New York City, you can play some board games or video games while munching on some snacks and sucking down some delicious drinks. Porchlight in Chelsea has a game room where you could fit 45 people to play vintage games like cards or darts and grab a bite to eat.

If you’re more into technology, you could host a video gaming tournament to celebrate your special day. Choose games that even beginners enjoy, so all your guests can have a fair shot at winning the competition.

For the Movie Lover, Host a Private Movie Screening

Watching movies at home was fun when you were a kid, but now that you’re living in a small apartment in New York City, you may not have enough room to have all your buddies over for a movie night. For a fun, relaxing night, rent a theatre at your local cineplex while lounging in comfortable chairs.

Alamo Drafthouse offers private movie events for you to watch your favorite movie, surrounded by plenty of your closest friends. You could also order classic movie theater snacks along with comfort food and delicious drinks.

For a Person Who’s Looking Forward to Getting Older, Play Shuffleboard

Playing shuffleboard may bring up images of retirement communities, but it’s a fun, competitive way to celebrate your birthday. The Royal Palms in Brooklyn has several shuffleboard courts to let you enjoy a tropical vacation aesthetic in any weather, along with rotating food trucks and upbeat music throughout the night.

If you’re walking in and don’t have a reservation, you could wait for a spot and play board games with your guests. If your party has 10 or more, you could also relax and indulge in tropical drinks in a private cabana.

For a Classic Person, Go Bowling

bowling for your birthday

Bowling has been an American favorite for years. You may even have memories of having your birthday party at a bowling alley when you were younger. To keep the tradition alive, rent out a couple of lanes in a bowling alley and participate in this classic sport with your loved ones. Modern bowling alleys, such as Lucky Strike in Times Square, have delicious food, an extensive selection of cocktails and live DJs.

For an Outdoorsy Person, Sail Around the City

If you’re looking for creative birthday party ideas, a boat ride around the city is a cost-effective alternative to taking a week-long cruise or making a weekend getaway. NYC offers unique options to accommodate any taste, such as a champagne brunch, wine tasting, jazz or sunset sail cruise. Book your private reservation with your friends for a luxurious birthday celebration.

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