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July 17, 2020by Live Axe

Axe Throwing

Maybe you spent your quarantine binge-watching Netflix and are looking to ease yourself back into the active world. Or maybe all the sitting around indoors made you want to blow off some steam. No matter the reason, there is a new and exciting activity that will yield all that and more. Behold – axe throwing.

Axe throwing is not only a fun way to socialize with your group of friends, but it also has some interesting physical and mental benefits that may surprise you. As a bonus, if you happened to be binge-watching Marvel movies during the lockdown, you can channel your inner Norse God. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Axe Throwing Provides the Ultimate Bonding Experience

The Ultimate Bonding Experience

If you’ve been asking yourself, “should I try axe throwing” a better question might be, “do I like to have fun?” Axe throwing is the ultimate group activity for those looking to spruce up their social interactions. Sure you can go to a restaurant or a bar or gather up your pals for an old school activity like playing pool or bowling. But if you are in need of a fresh and exciting concept, axe throwing is the perfect activity for you.

Upon entering the Live Axe bar, you will be offered a drink and introduced to your own Cage Captain, or axe throwing coach. You and your party will be given coaching and instructions on how to throw the axe best, and then your session will begin. You will have a cage to yourselves, so you don’t have to worry about sharing space with folks who didn’t come with you. What a perfect way to ease yourself into social group interactions!

Axe throwing sessions are great for spending time with friends or for corporate outings and team-building experiences. Axe throwing is an activity that lets people of mixed experience levels participate together.

Did we mention that there is an ax-throwing league? You and your friends are eligible to join the league and have your stats tracked over eight weeks. The top tier is eligible for the National Axe Throwing Championships. That is major bragging points right there!

Tired of The Gym? Axe Throwing Is a Great Source of Physical Exercise

Great Source of Physical Exercise

Many turn to axe throwing classes to spruce up their fitness routine. So is axe throwing considered exercise? The answer is a resounding yes. Just try to imagine lifting a 1.5-pound object over your head and hurling it several feet away at a bull’s eye. Do that a few times in a row, and you are sure to feel it the next day!

Although axe throwing is by no means easy, it is accessible to everyone. Folks can be expected to do equally well if they’ve been playing team sports for years or have never thrown a ball in their lives. The playing field is leveled. This is because axe throwing is not all about strength, it is about technique. As far as NYC indoor sports go, this one can be enjoyed by groups with various fitness levels.

When you come in for your first experience, your axe coach will instruct you to start with your feet together, hold the axe with both hands above your head, and step forward with your less dominant foot. When you swing and release the axe in this manner, you are working several muscle groups.

Your lats and your shoulders are getting a workout from supporting the weight of the axe. Your core gets a workout as well. In fact, axe throwing is similar to a “woodchopper” core exercise that’s usually performed at the gym using a cable machine. If you get your stance just right, you can also work out hamstrings and calves.

And don’t forget your heart rate! Axe throwing is a fun group activity, but you will definitely notice your heart rate going up after a few consecutive throws. And who doesn’t love getting a bit of cardio in while having fun!

Looking to Relieve Stress? Try Throwing An Axe

Relieve Stress

If you need some stress relief, you are in luck. To say that life has been a little overwhelming lately is an understatement. So step away from computer screens, chores, and news stories and release pent up aggression by throwing an object.

Axe throwing can be a good stress relief because it provides mental and physical stimulation in a safely controlled social environment. Have you ever felt like screaming into a pillow or punching your duvet in frustration? Axe throwing provides a similar outlet but with amped up possibilities. Where else can you throw a sharp metal object across the room with fury and not end up in some sort of legal trouble?

Physical activity is well known for reducing anxiety because it produces a surge of endorphins. With axe throwing, you have an additional thrill of aiming at a target. Your blood is pumping, your body is surging with adrenaline, and when you see your axe strike that bulls eye you are sure to experience a spike in dopamine. The whole experience is hugely satisfying and does wonders at releasing stress, building confidence, and empowering you while you have fun.

Don’t Forget About the Drinks!

If you are looking for new skills to learn in NYC and like to be entertained, look no further. At an ax-throwing bar, you can get a workout in, bond with your friends, and have a couple of drinks while you do it. Need we say more?

Does your yoga class let you cool off with a Mai-Tai? No? We didn’t think so. And sure you can sip on your favorite beverage while playing billiards or ping pong, but will that give you lats worthy of Thor? Also, a resounding no. Axe throwing is one of the few NYC indoor activities you can do with your friends that will both let you work on your fitness and have drinks while you do it! Plus, you can enjoy dinner or snacks afterward and discuss the experience in the restaurant area. There are many benefits of axe throwing, but that’s got to be the most delicious one!

Ready to Throw? Book A Time To Throw an Axe Today!

Book A Time To Throw an Axe Today

There are many exciting axe throwing benefits that might appeal to you. It gets you away from your computer and phone and up on your feet. It is a great bonding experience and a confidence builder. And you can release stress and get a workout in, all at the same time. Afterward, you get to enjoy your friends’ company over dinner and drinks. Live Axe is a total package experience, and it’s no surprise that many patrons prefer this leisure activity and come back for more! Book a time to throw an Axe today!

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