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July 17, 2020by Live Axe

Axe throwing bars have been trending lately and they have become quite a rage in the U.S, notably New York, Washington DC, and Philadelphia.

The axe throwing bars in the city have been a welcoming outlet for the stress-stricken millennials, who visit to release their stress and rejuvenate themselves. Since it is human nature to always seek out unique experiences, axe throwing bars have proven to be an exciting sport and can be a pretty fun friend’s night out.

For many, engaging with the sport has not only been entertaining but also freeing. People have been seeing axe throwing bars as a stress-relieving agent and terming it a “cheap therapy”. For many, the sport is just like a fresh breath of air amidst the sedentary lifestyles, owing to desk-jobs and busy schedules. It has been a fascinating escape for many ever since it has gained popularity.

An Introduction to Axe Throwing Bars

In recent years, the sport has grown to the extent that the World Axe Throwing League started back in 2017 to organize international competitions. Given its popularity, ESPN takes pride in broadcasting them. 

Axe Throwing Bars

The sport is supposedly a spin-off of the dart-throwing game, or as many like to put it, an upgrade from the darts. Yes, it is somewhat similar to how darts are played but BIGGER, BETTER, and INTENSE! The time is not far when you will witness tables turning over and cities becoming about axe throwing bars only. In fact, they are all set to take over cat cafes in the USA. 

Since we are on the topic, let’s have a quick walk down the memory lane and talk about the origin of this one-of-a-kind bar.

About Axe Throwing Bars

This eccentric yet a thrilling sport is as old as lumberjacks, an era when hand tools were used to harvest trees. Speaking of this, axe throwing, earlier on, was a part of a segment in lumberjack competitions. However, it gradually managed to create its own reputation with the potential of becoming a sport that people could independently. The popularity grew to the degree that soon, commercial locations began to flourish, allowing the participants to engage in friendly competitions.

The game has finally put itself out as an indoor recreational activity that many love, and the popularity is only going to soar. 

When Did Axe Throwing Bars Start?

Coming to when axe throwing bars started, axes have always been there as far as one could remember. Humans have been using them for thousands of years now. It has been one of the oldest tools. Having said that, the sport came about in the backyard of a cottage in Toronto, back in 2006. History says that this worldwide sport came to existence when Torontonian Matt Wilson and his group of friends, out of sheer boredom, threw an axe at a stump. Little did they know that a leisurely hit will soon become a passion across the world.

From then on, the group of eight friends would meet weekly and bask in the cathartic release that came out as a result of playing this sport. The number soon doubled up and later tripled, i.e., 32, not to mention how fast the number of spectators grew. The fun inspired Matt, and he saw it as a lucrative business opportunity. This is how the inspiration culminated in the great Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL) in 2006. What came purely out of entrepreneurial spirit has now become everyone’s favorite sport. Every youngster’s dream, no?

As of now, it has been 13 long years since the Backyard Axe Throwing League has transformed it into a proper sport with rules and regulations. It has become a go-to sport that appeals not only to a class but masses. So far, BATL has attracted over a whopping 150,000 throwers. Additionally, they have hosted several bachelorette parties, date nights, birthday parties, and get-togethers. So, you know now where to have your next party at? *WINK*

We understand that, by now, you must be wondering what axe throwing bars are and how they work: Here you go.

Axe Throwing Bars

The Modern Axe Throwing Bars

An indoor space, these axe throwing bars allow people to derive pleasure from chucking axes, hatches, or similar tools. The participants can also indulge in foods and drinks at the bar. Isn’t it what we call an ideal youngster’s getaway?

The axe throwing bars don’t mind walk-ins, provided that there is space available. But, it is recommended to book the slots in advance to avoid any chaos and delays. Primarily, it is a group activity, but the possibilities are endless; you can even enjoy it yourself. Pro tip: Avoid the game with your girlfriend. Who knows she might get mad and throw the axe at you? We don’t want that, phew!

The size of the group determines the session’s end. Generally, it takes one axe throwing session around two to three and a half hours to finish. The responsibility of supplying all the necessary equipment, of course, including the axes, remains with the axe throwing bars. 

To make the experience even more interesting, many axe throwing bars have axe-throwing leagues. This particular strategy of hosting leagues and tournaments adds a competitive angle and adds value to the overall enthusiasm. And yes, quite an opportunity to avenge your friend for the birthday treat he never gave you. Win that round, buddy!

The Safety Measures for Axe Throwing

Safety Measures for Axe Throwing

Let’s now move onto answering the million-dollar question, “Are axe throwing bars safe?”

There have been concerns about mixing the sport with alcohol, as many see it as quite dangerous. The concern is justified considering that the sport involves the use of axe; potentially a dangerous weapon. Of course, none of us wants the axe on our heads instead of on the wall!

However, the recommended minimum age to play the sport is 18. In addition to this, participants receive proper briefing regarding the safety measure before they begin the session. Every axe throwing bar has experts to provide demonstration before anyone lays a hand on the axe. The first fifteen to twenty minutes are for the participants to train. Each of them learns the proper form and the right way to throw an axe.

To put things in perspective, the right throw is determined if the thrown axe spins in full rotations and goes on to register over the target with a thump. Even a slightest mistake can land the axe on the thrower’s feet. Therefore, it is advisable to wear closed-toe shoes.

Other than this, constant checks to monitor the intoxication levels of the participants. There are instructions to eliminate people in case they have had too much to drink. 

The crowd must avoid walking in the open space behind the target. Moreover, the target must have flags or fencing materials. Participants have to stand behind the red lines while throwing.

The bar must have proper first-aid supplies in case of emergencies. The first aid kits should always be within reach to avoid any rambling and there should be a person who can perform first aid.  

In a nutshell, how safe an axe throwing session is depends entirely upon the participants. It is as safe as you want it to be. It is imperative for the axe throwing bars to be responsible throughout the session. However, the participants are required to act equally responsibly to avoid any mishap or injury. 

Keep Axe Throwing Fun

The game is not only fun but physically challenging and mentally stimulating. The fact that a participant has to be present both physically and mentally adds to the fun and vigor. An innovative twist to the party, axe throwing is a quirky sport that has very conveniently replaced other community activities like darts, painting, and paintball. Apparently, there is more than one technique to throw axes. Once you have mastered the art of throwing axes, there is no turning back. Well folks, make sure to not practice this art at home, ha!

All in all, it is a pretty happening sport to learn with friends or play with family and a low-cost chance to engage in a joy and laughter riot.

Why Choose Live Axe

Choose Live Axe

If you are looking for an axe throwing spot within your vicinity, you probably would love it at Live Axe. We have what we call axeperts (read: experts) to provide hands-on training so you can chuck axes like a pro. The seating is luxurious and there is sport-appropriate music to create the perfect ambiance. Moreover, we have got your hunger pangs covered too. Feel free to choose and order from our exquisite menu of shareable and small plates. Our very palatable menu will definitely keep you hooked and wanting more.

Speaking of the menu, we have some really energizing and refreshing drinks to offer. From artisanal, fresh cocktails to rotating craft beers, we have it all. 

There is a lot more in here! We take pride in making your celebrations even more special, be it a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, graduation party, baby shower, or engagement. Our team will ensure that what you take with yourself is an unforgettable experience. Additionally, we also have special arrangements for the ones looking out to host a corporate event. After all, going to play this sport is a great chance to build teams and camaraderie.

So, what are you waiting for? Step in anytime with your friends, coworkers, or even your date partner. The fun begins here at our Viking-themed lounge. Come and unleash your inner Viking now!

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