Axe Throwing & Break Things in New York

Feeling the monotonous thrum of the concrete jungle wearing you down?  Craving an escape from the predictable routine of New York nights?  Ditch the tired bar scene and awaken your inner Viking warrior at Live Axe NYC!  We’re not your average watering hole – we offer an unparalleled experience that blends the pulse-pounding thrill of axe throwing with the cathartic release of a rage room.  Blow off steam, unleash a primal scream, and forge unforgettable memories with friends – all in the heart of the city that never sleeps!

Adrenaline-pumping Axe Throwing in New York

Live Axe NYC is different from your run-of-the-mill axe-throwing range.  Sure, you’ll get the heart-stopping satisfaction of burying an axe dead center in the bullseye, but we take it to the next level.  Our certified Axeperts, modern-day Vikings passionate about the sport, will guide you through proper technique, transforming you from a cubicle drone into a fearsome axe-wielding hero.

Whether you’re a seasoned New Yorker yearning for a team-building event with a twist for your office comrades, a bachelor(ette) party seeking an unforgettable send-off, or just a group of friends looking for a night out unlike any other, Live Axe caters to all groups.  We offer dedicated throwing lanes with ample space to unleash your competitive spirit and unleash a battle cry with every throw.  Plus, our awesome party packages ensure your experience is genuinely epic.

Breaking Things

Does the relentless pace of New York City leave you feeling overwhelmed?  Do you have a mountain of pent-up frustration that needs a dramatic release?  Then look no further than Live Rage, our dedicated rage room experience!  Suit up in protective gear and let loose on a safe and satisfying selection of breakables.  Smash plates like a conquering barbarian, obliterate printers with righteous fury, and unleash a primal roar that would make Odin himself proud – it’s the ultimate stress reliever and a guaranteed good time.

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Where we are Located?

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Enjoy a Drink & Eat With Friends 

Axe-throwing and rage rooms are thirsty work!  That’s why Live Axe offers delicious food and drinks to fuel your inner barbarian.  Replenish your energy with tasty bar bites from our menu, perfect for sharing epic tales of conquest with friends between throws and smashes.  Or, unwind after a session of unleashing your inner Viking with a handcrafted cocktail that will quench your thirst and refresh you.  It’s the perfect way to relax, socialize, and relive the most epic moments of your axe-throwing and rage room adventures.

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Frequently Asked Questions — New York

Let’s get to answer everything New Yorkers need to know.

Is axe throwing safe in New York City?

Absolutely! Safety is our top priority at Live Axe. Our highly trained Axeperts provide thorough instruction on proper throwing techniques and closely supervise all throwing sessions.

Sunday 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Do I need experience to try axe throwing in New York?

Not at all! Live Axe welcomes everyone from curious beginners to seasoned axe-throwers. Our instructors are experts at getting you up and throwing like a pro in no time. We cater to all skill levels, so come ready to learn, have fun, and unleash your inner Viking!

Are there any rage rooms near me in New York?

Live Axe is the premier rage room destination in New York City! We offer a safe and controlled environment to let loose, smash some stress away, and experience the ultimate catharsis.


Free Your Rage and Book Your Epic NYC Adventure!

Ready to break free from the ordinary and experience something truly unforgettable? Book your axe throwing or rage room session at Live Axe NYC today! We guarantee it’ll be the most exhilarating and stress-relieving experience you’ve had in the concrete jungle all week. So grab your friends, channel your inner Viking, and get ready to unleash your primal scream at Live Axe NYC! It’s the perfect escape from the everyday, a chance to bond with friends over a truly unique activity, and a memory you’ll be talking about for weeks to come!


Rolling Around Live Axe: Meeting The Neighborhood

Here’s a little trip around the city you can take to get to the places around.


New York, NY, USA

  1. Head southwest on W Broadway for approximately 318 feet.
  2. Turn left onto Chambers St and continue for about 420 feet.
  3. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Church St and walk approximately 0.2 miles.
  4. Slight right to stay on Church St for another 0.2 miles.
  5. Use any lane to turn right onto Canal St (traveling about 89 feet).
  6. Turn left onto Greene St and walk approximately 0.1 miles.
  7. Finally, turn right at the 1st cross street onto Grand St for the last 0.1 miles.

Lower Manhattan

New York, NY, USA

  1. Head southwest on Broadway.
    1. Pass by the Bank of America Financial Center (on the left).
    2. Continue for approximately 1.0 mile.
  2. Turn left onto Liberty St and walk about 0.2 miles.

Financial District

New York, NY, USA

  1. Take Maiden Ln to Water St:
    1. Head southeast on Legion Memorial Square/Liberty St for approximately 256 feet.
    2. Continue onto Maiden Ln for about 0.1 miles.
  2. Take Pearl St and St James Pl to Mulberry St:
    1. Turn left onto Water St and walk about 0.1 miles.
    2. Continue onto Pearl St for approximately 0.2 miles.
    3. Continue straight to stay on Pearl St for another 0.1 miles.
    4. Continue onto St James Pl for about 0.2 miles.
    5. Turn left onto Worth St and walk approximately 436 feet.
  3. Continue on Mulberry St. Take Bayard St to Elizabeth St:
    1. Turn right onto Mulberry St and walk about 0.1 miles.
    2. Turn right onto Bayard St (traveling about 489 feet).
    3. Finally, turn left onto Elizabeth St for the last 207 feet.


New York, NY, USA

  1. Head northeast on Elizabeth St for approximately 249 feet.
  2. Turn left onto Canal St and continue for about 0.2 miles.
  3. Finally, turn left onto Lafayette St. Your destination will be on the right after walking approximately 377 feet.

Live Axe

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