Throw AxeThis is what happened when I threw an axe

August 17, 2022by Live Axe

Live Axe

To be honest I had never thought of myself as the ‘axe throwing type’. If you know me, you’d know I’m more of a ‘margarita on a rooftop’ type. However, the other weekend I was out with a few of my girlfriends and we were looking for something different to do than our usual brunch spot or happy hour bar. So I looked up fun things to do in the Soho area and Live Axe came up! I had actually heard about it before and was always curious to know what the hype was about, so right then and there we booked a session. Before we knew it we were being ushered into the venue by two velvet ropes.

Truffled White Pizza

I had always imagined axe throwing venues as having a pretty rugged vibe to them, but I was honestly shocked at how ‘chic’ the venue was! The vibe was incredible, honestly one of the best atmospheres in Soho. The graffitied walls and dim lights really caught us off guard, totally not what we were expecting. On top of that, the music was fire!

We spoke with the host and they said they could accommodate us (although she said they fill up quickly, so booking in advance is recommended).

The host took us over to our table and we grabbed some food and drinks while we waited for our axe-throwing cage. They have QR menus on every table to scan and surprising me once again was an extensive menu. We were expecting frozen pizzas and cans of beer, but instead, we got the most tender beef short ribs I’ve ever had (swear!), huge pretzel, truffled white pizza, and some incredible craft cocktails. Like what?? All the food that came out was super good and really hit the spot.

The wait time for our table was not bad at all, besides there was plenty for us to enjoy (I got excited, and a little scared, watching everyone else throw). After about 20 minutes a host came over to us and brought us over to our cage, reminding us that we could order more food and drinks at the cage. I knew as long as the cocktails were flowing I was going to have a good time. Next to our ‘Cage’ was a group of friends who celebrated their birthday, which made me realize this is the perfect New York City venue to celebrate a birthday! We mingled with them for a short time after, and they even shared their cake with us.

Our host introduced us to our ‘cage captain’ who was *super* friendly. Sabrina had such positive vibes and really got us fired up! By the way, a ton of the cage captains are badass ladies who know how to throw an axe and take charge. Anyway! Sabrina taught us all how to throw and coached us to the point we were all hitting the target consistently. Once we were all tuned in, Sabrina led us through some friendly, but competitive, games. The axe throwing was much easier than I thought it would be and it was an excellent workout as well!

Truffled White Pizza

Between the games and excitement, the time we booked went by super fast and our time with Sabrina was at an end. With a bow and a couple of jokes, Sabrina sent us on our way, back to our table to cool off with a drink.

We ended our excursion with another drink and some dessert; cake tastes way better after throwing axes for an hour. While sitting down we noticed the sign for the photo booths downstairs. After a bunch of pictures for social, we headed out, already planning our next excuse to come back.

I really was taken aback by how much this place exceeded my expectations; I went in with no idea of what would be in store and left feeling confident in my axe-throwing abilities. I am already planning a surprise date night where my boyfriend won’t know what hit him.


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