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November 19, 2020by Live Axe

The holiday season is the perfect time to celebrate with your employees and thank them for the hard work they do all year. Why not show your appreciation and let everyone have some fun with staff holiday party ideas in NYC? The city is home to thousands of places to visit and things to do that make excellent holiday celebration options.

When you’re gathering office party ideas in NYC, you’ll want to consider everyone’s schedules. Take a poll to see if it’d be better to host the event during or after work hours. Factor in potential weather concerns, and remember that the holidays are a busy time for everyone. Suggest a few different dates to your employees so they can select the best fit for their schedules. With those tips in mind, plan fabulous holiday party ideas in NYC with the suggestions below!

1. Take a Food Tour

The holidays are about many things, and eating is one of them. Enjoy the dining delights NYC has to offer on a food tour. Various sightseeing services in the city host food excursions and would welcome your office on a culinary tour of the town. Pick from different areas or themes.

  • Lower East Side: Delis, doughnuts, and dumplings are part of a tour around this area. Explore this historic section of the city and sample staples of Jewish cuisine, old-fashioned candy, and an assortment of savory and sweet delights.
  • West Village: This neighborhood condenses delicacies from around the world into an area you can explore in one tour. Try everything from Cuban specialties to Italian fare, falafel, New York pizza, Thai cuisine, bagels, and desserts.
  • Food trucks: Food trucks and carts are NYC staples. Learn about the history of street food in the city as you sample various on-the-go meals and snacks, from bagels to sandwiches and other bites.
  • Pizza and beer: The delicious duo of pizza and beer shows off another New York staple. Pick a tour that shows you the variety of pizza you may not have expected to find in NYC, from classic New York pies to coal-fired, thin-crust styles.

2. Go Ice Skating

Nothing evokes the holiday season quite like ice skating in New York. Have everyone in the office bundle up, bring their family or partners, and spend time on the ice together. Add hot chocolate and hot snacks to warm everyone up and make the perfect addition to a cool holiday party.

You’ll want to take a survey of your office to ensure everyone would be up for this activity. With the go-ahead, you can pick from various indoor and outdoor ice-skating venues throughout the city.

  • Bryant Park: The Bank of America Winter Village hosts skating late into the night. With shops and places to eat nearby, your holiday party in Bryant Park will be full of plenty to do.
  • Central Park: Wollman Rink in Central Park is a popular option, so it may be best if you have a smaller group. Navigate the crowds for peaceful and picturesque scenery in the park during the winter.
  • Prospect Park: LeFrak Center transforms from a roller rink to an ice rink once the weather is cold. Visit the arena for holiday fun, where you and your employees can enjoy the scenic park on your way to the venue.
  • Rockefeller Center: There’s always the iconic Rockefeller Center, but you’ll need to book ahead for this venue, especially with a large team. They typically start taking event requests around a year in advance, so maybe save this choice for next year’s office Christmas party ideas.
  • Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers: The megacomplex at Chelsea Piers features two ice rinks. The center hosts private events on and off the ice, complete with on-site catering.

Play Outdoor Games Indoor

3. Play Outdoor Games Indoors

Just because the weather outside is frightful doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy typical outdoor activities. New York is home to plenty of indoor venues that let you enjoy classic outside games. Games like these are the perfect way to bond as an office without dealing with the weather outside.

  • Shuffleboard: Royal Palms in Brooklyn hosts shuffleboard inside. Groups smaller than 10 can only walk in and hope to get a court on the location’s first-come, first-served basis. If your group is larger than 10, book with Royal Palms’ party option. You’ll get courts and cabanas based on your party’s size, and keep in mind there’s a mandatory add-on beverage package. If you have a large company with a group of over 100, book with a buyout.
  • Golf: Five Iron Golf in the Financial District puts a virtual twist on the usual way to hit the green. The facility features simulator screens and putting areas to help you and your employees perfect your swings. If you’ve got a group larger than eight, Five Iron Golf considers your visit an event, so be sure to book ahead. The facility has a bar and offers both food and drink menus.

4. Rent a Private Movie Showing

For more staff holiday party ideas in NYC, go to the movies. If you’ve got a decent-sized group, you can fill a theater with your employees and treat them to a movie. Some theaters let you choose your film for the ultimate private screening. Pick a holiday-themed option for something that suits the season. Go family-friendly and have your employees bring their partners and children along. For an office-only celebration, select anything from action-packed classics to new releases.

Plenty of theaters in the city also feature bars or restaurants, letting you have a catered private movie. Treat staff to a drink and a meal for a full red-carpet treatment, or stick to theater classics like popcorn and candy. Find a cinema near your office that offers private events for a location your employees can easily reach.

5. Have Fun With Team-Building Activities

Your company party ideas in NYC can also serve to unite your team. We’ve put together a guide on fun team-building activities, so use that as inspiration for staff holiday party ideas in NYC and try one or more of these ideas.

  • Volunteering: Giving back to your community is ideal at any time of year, but around the holidays, it’s extra special. Look for volunteering opportunities near your office or branch out to different areas of the city. Help make meals, participate in donation drives, or work with environmental groups together.
  • A scavenger hunt: This activity may be more dependent on the weather, especially if you team up with a company that hosts scavenger hunts around the city. But planning a scavenger hunt for an office party is a great way to build teamwork skills and get your office out there to experience NYC.
  • A museum visit: For an evening of culture, sophistication, and class, head to one of the many museums in NYC. Most locations offer tours or interactive options that can get your team working together while also having fun.

Escape Room

6. Escape Room

Want more team-building opportunities for your company party ideas in NYC? Test your team’s riddle-solving skills with an escape room. Most escape room venues in the city can accommodate larger groups that split into teams and play in multiple rooms. They’ll arrange the event so everyone starts their challenge simultaneously, letting you compete against each other.

  • Mission Escape Games is one of the highest-rated escape rooms in the city. Located in Midtown, the facility boasts immersive and technologically advanced games. The rooms can host up to eight guests, but you can book more for your office holiday party.
  • Exit Escape Room is another Midtown location that’s sure to immerse your team in the experience. This facility partnered with an interior design specialist to create an authentic feel. The rooms at this location host between two to seven, but you can always book multiple.
  • BrainXcape features spooky themes for an exhilarating escape. The movie set decor brings the rooms to life. Each room can accommodate between two to 10 people, but BrainXcape will host corporate events.

7. Play Games at an Arcade

The holidays are a time to unwind, so your office holiday party should be full of fun and entertainment. One way to achieve that goal is to host your corporate party at an arcade. You’ll find a range of arcade options in the city, and many of them are also home to bars or restaurants serving drink and food menus. Consider spots like these for your holiday party.

  • Recreation in the Financial District is a large venue with a classy feel that’s perfect for an office holiday party. Located inside Moxy NYC Downtown hotel, Recreation features skee-ball, a basketball court, arcade cabinets, and other games to play. Visit this retro-inspired bar and entertainment area with a smaller group to ensure there’s room for your walk-in party.
  • Two-Bit’s Retro Arcade is a Lower East Side bar serving drinks, food, and fun. Play classic games at the arcade cabinets or try your hand at one of the location’s many pinball machines. Two-Bit’s Retro Arcade hosts private events, but be sure to check the calendar to see what dates are available in advance.
  • Escape Virtuality lets you and your employees experience virtual reality. Put on a headset and try the racing simulator, augmented reality wall, and other exhilarating options that transport you to another world. Escape Virtuality hosts corporate events and parties that provide a unique, digital twist on the usual arcade visit.

8. Enjoy Dining and Live Entertainment

Combine dinner and a show for an evening full of fun. Your employees are sure to appreciate a night on the town, especially as a break during the holiday season. Invite their partners and spouses, or keep the party within the company for your employees to bond. No matter who goes, you can check out dinner-and-a-show options like these throughout NYC.

  • Jazz: Enjoy a sophisticated evening of music and food at a jazz-and-supper club like Swing 46. Sip cocktails accompanied by the swinging music of decades ago, and either sit back and enjoy the tunes or get dancing.
  • Comedy: New York is home to countless comedy clubs, and many of them are among the nation’s top-rated venues for stand-up performances. Comedy dinner spots host guests for laughs and delicious meals. The Stand is one such place, combining an upscale eatery with comedians performing in front of a classic brick backdrop.

Botanical Gardens

9. Visit the Botanical Gardens

The New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx turns into a winter wonderland around the holidays. Lights adorn the outdoor displays, but the most famous draw is the train setup. The New York Botanical Gardens recreates a miniature model of NYC, all in natural materials, like cinnamon sticks, acorns, and bark. Admire the intricate details with your team as carolers set the holiday scene. The location also serves holiday treats this time of year, making a sweet addition to your visit. This option will be plenty of fun for your office, especially if your employees bring their families along.

Enhance your holiday party by having a holiday meal at one of the many restaurants near or at the gardens. Hudson Garden Grill at the New York Botanical Gardens has a homey, yet airy, feel and would make a delightful addition to your company party.

10. Unleash Your Inner Viking at Live Axe Throwing

Turn your NYC office holiday party into a stress-releasing occasion. Live Axe is the premier axe-throwing destination in NYC. Plan a corporate event here to let your employees test their accuracy and strength by learning how to throw an axe like a Viking. Our industrial-chic facility is the perfect complement to a corporate event, and our Viking theme creates a unique setting in which to master your axe-throwing skills.

Pair your visit with our delicious food and drinks. Our innovative small plates menu features crowd-pleasing shareables your employees will love to snack on before, during, or after their throwing session. Make your time with us a party with cocktails and a rotating selection of craft beers from the bar.

At Live Axe, we have no minimum for group event sizes, ideal for even the smallest office holiday party. If you have more than 24 in your group, we’ll work with you to book your reservation and plan the best staff holiday party.

Book Your Reservation

Book Your Office Holiday Party With Live Axe Throwing

Want to impress your employees with a thrilling holiday party? Let Live Axe help. With us, your employees will eat, drink, and throw for an unforgettable evening. We’ve designed our facility with community and sociability in mind to encourage guests to bond and immerse themselves in the experience. The first floor features a large communal table, oversized couches, and the bar, perfect for gathering around and watching the action happening in the throwing cages. The lower level provides a lounge atmosphere with a corner bar and a larger throwing cage designed to accommodate groups.

Book a reservation today and prepare for an unforgettable office holiday party! For groups larger than 24 guests, give us a call at 888-812-9060 to arrange a reservation.

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